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Finishes for Your Furniture

Finding the perfect piece of furniture is a difficult task but when you add needing the right colour it gets more complicated! Our solid pine furniture is available to be polished or painted in a range of finishes, all this work is carried out by our expert team within our state of the art polishing department. This process can be seen in the video above, a description of each of the finishes is detailed below. All these pieces are also available in unfinished pine, known as in the white or ITW, for you to complete in your own style and finish, please call one of Our Stores to find out more.

In the white (Raw Wood) is at 20% off discount to finish yourself.

Standard finish of wax, abbeywax and lacquer is as on product price.

Premium finish Chestnut, Parchment, Milkwood Contrast, Buttermilk, Antique Ivory, Antique White and Snow white attract a small surcharge to be added to the standard price.

In the White - ITW

In the White - All our pine furniture can be bought as unfinished timber. We refer to this as 'in the white' or ITW. For more information on how to finish your furniture in your own style read our guide to Creating Your Stlye of Furniture.

Wood Grain Finishes

abb-abbeywax.jpgWax – The traditional way of finishing pine furniture, the wax finish adds a subtle colour to the soft pine. With this change you get a gentle enhancement of the natural grain of the furniture. Gentle care is needed with this finish and an occasional top up of wax. For more on looking after your furniture see our ‘Aftercare of Your Furniture’ page.



wax-wax.jpgAbbeywax - Enhance the look of your pine furniture with the Abbeywax finish. Designed to give your furniture a deep lustre and augment the grain this finish makes any piece stand out while keeping the classic feel of pine furniture. The Abbeywax finish is similar to the Wax but gives the grain a deeper colouring the same aftercare is required.



laq-lacquer.jpgLacquer - A simple finish to your pine furniture. The Lacquer finish keeps the colour and grain of the wood while adding a hard wearing and resilient protective layer. The Lacquer finish is easy to wipe down and remove any spillages making it ideal for a house full of young children.



Premium Furniture Finishes


pt3-chestnut.jpgChestnut - Combine the look of the Abbeywax finish with the hard wear and resilience of the Lacquer. The Chestnut finish gives you this solid combination of deep colouring and tough finish.




pt1-parchment.jpgParchment - A white painted finish applied in such a way as to leave the hint of the grain showing through to make it very old and antique looking. Perfect if  you want the look of a piece that looks as though it needs to be repainted.





Milkwood Contrast - A bold contrast finish where the body of the piece is finished in white and the handles and top of the piece in Laquer. Get your furniture to have a stand out distinction with the Milkwood finish. Please note not all our furniture can be done in this finish due to the construction of each piece.




Milkwood All Over - An alternative to the contrast finish of Milkwood is to uhave the entire piece completed in the Milwood paint. This gives a modern stylish finish to your pine furniture.




Buttermilk - A complete painted finish, the Buttermilk is, as the name suggests, a rich cream finish giving the style of antiquity and class.





Antique Ivory - A subtle ivory coloured finish with deliberate distressing to strategic edges to give the impression of age. The Antique Ivory finish is a solid painted covering with subtle rubbing back to reveal the undercoat on the edges and handles of the piece.



pt10-antique-white.jpgAntique White - A similar finish in style and look to the Antique Ivory but in a bright white paint rather than the subtle ivory colour.




Snow White - Our ultra modern white painted finish. A complete painted covering in a bright white paint to give the up to date white painted furniture look.