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Finishing and Aftercare

Finishes for Your Furniture

Finding the perfect piece of furniture is a difficult task but when you add needing the right colour it gets more complicated! Our solid pine furniture is available to be polished or painted in a range of finishes. All the work is carried out by our expert team within our state of the art polishing department.



Aftercare for Your Furniture

Once you have bought your solid pine furniture from us, we want you to be able to keep it in top condition. Here we have all the information you may want to keep your new furniture looking the best.


Creating Your Style of Furniture

If our finishes don't suit your taste, you can always buy our pine furniture 'in the white' meaning just the plain wood. The piece you have chosen can then be completed in any style of your choice. It maybe a plain wax in a different shade or a more unique painted finish the choice is yours. You can find advice on how to complete the finish you want here. We also supply all the finishing products in our stores.