Upholstered hallway bench

Hallway Bench Stool

A bench stool is a rectangular footstool that comes in a range of shapes and sizes, from short and fat to long and thin. Our Storage Bench Stool is perfect for keeping your room or hallway tidy by offering an easy place to put shoes, books, toys – all the things you need on hand but can clutter up space at home. It’s also versatile enough for use in front of sofas as well as near windows where it doubles as window seating!

Hallway Bench

In an area of the house where people often need to remove shoes and boots, a bench stool is not just practical but also provides seating. A popular choice for such an item would be near windows or in conservatories because they are typically smaller areas that do not have space for sofas. Being small and slim, bench stools are not only a great way to store things but they also offer an extra seat in an area such as the hallway or conservatory. A hall bench offers people a chance to sit down while removing shoes and puts everything within easy reach – no more having to get up and go searching for your slippers or keys!

A bench stool, unlike a piano stool, does not swivel and so is intended to remain in one place. Larger versions are often used as dining room or kitchen stools and may have arms either side whilst smaller versions can be used for desk chairs.